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I live in Toronto, Canada.


If you are a potential employer, you might find my portfolio "all over the place" - some 3D work, some concept art, some icon illustrations, some Flash games, here and there. Please be patient with me, I will explain.

I had worked for quite a few companies that asked me, "I know we hired you to do <insert skill here>, but can you do <insert a different skill here> too? Our budget is tight right now." I was always up for a challenge, as a result, I had become a person who often wore different hats. May be a portfolio that shows you only 3D work or only 2D work might assure you that you are hiring a specialist who does exactly what you need, but my experience tells me that a studio could always use a "generalist".

I am an artist perfect for small game studios. I can do both 3D and 2D, particular user interface design. I have worked for big companies, too, once focusing on Flash game design and the other one on 3D game assets modelling. I am versatile and have over 13 years of work experience in the game industry.


2010-Current, Ganz: Senior 3D Artist. Low-poly modelling, texturing, later focus on user-interface design and icon illustrations.

2007-2008, Bodog: Senior Interface Designer. Create Flash games for online casino. 2D, and lots of Flash game assets.

2002-2007, Radium/Gameworkz: Art Director. Originally hired to do Flash games, later also became a web site designer and art director.

2005, EA Pogo, Popcap Games, PixelStorm: Freelance Artist. Focus on casual game game assets design. Reskinned prototype games to a new game or different game. Some UI work.